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Outfit of the Day 12/6

4:57 PMTaelor Pawnell

White and Black with a touch of Gold

A couple days ago my friend and I went thrifting! She actually found the shirt I am wearing but decided not to buy it so I did! ;) I love the thought of simple. Which is why I paired this awesome chevron white shirt  with a pair of black jeans and black closed toe wedges. I threw on a sock bun and a pair of gold & black bohemian style earrings. Not to mention my red MATTE nails that I am rocking right now.. (Look for that post later) 

I am excited to start these outfit of the days... Finals week is next week so I don't know how many times I will post, but I will try. Leave comments if you have any! Also feel free to follow me on instagram (@taelorpawnell) and twitter (@taelorpawnell)


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