DIY: High Waisted Shorts with Bow Pockets

8:44 PMTaelor Pawnell

Hey loves!
I needed to clear my head after a long day of school so what better to do that than with a little JT(swoon!) and DIY!

Mirror (Justin Timberlake's new single) is on repeat. I am in love! Check it out! 

High Waisted Shorts with Bow Pockets DIY
These shorts are perfect for spring break and only took 10 minutes to do!
(sorry about some of the pictures being fuzzy. My MacBook had to do! :))
Click Read More or the post title "DIY: High Waisted Shorts with Bow Pockets" for the details on how to make these shorts!
 I got these shorts for a dollar at the thrift store! (from the Men's section! hehe)

What you'll need: Shorts, Scissors, and fabric glue or needle and thread
1 & 2. Being careful, cut away the stitching from the bottom of your pocket towards the center. 
3. Stop halfway up. 
4. Cut the dangling flap of the pocket off and keep it. 
5&6.  Cut the flap into a rectangular piece this. This will be used to make the center of the bow.
7. Cinch the remainder of your pocket in the middle then wrap your rectangle piece of pocket around it. 
8. Glue the rectangular piece to itself (or you can sew it together).
9. Repeat on the other pocket!
10. I also rolled them up at the bottom so the shorts weren't so drab. 

 Here's the finished product!

Let me know what you guys think! I may go back and distress them a bit. Maybe even some bleach spots...


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  1. I love this DIY! I must run to the thrift store and buy a pair o' shorts to cut up!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey! i loved the idea! its pretty simple and in the end it looks cool =) xoxo

  3. I'm going to be honest, I don't think that these shorts regardless of what you do to them compliment your body. It looks like a kangaroo pouch swallowed half of your body. Thanks for sharing though.

  4. great! you really give a new idea in the world of fashion, I think you are very fit with High waisted shorts, it looks more attractive and beautiful

  5. you look amazing! going to the thrift store right now !


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