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OOTD: Dressing up a T-Shirt

10:15 AMTaelor Pawnell

 Outfit Details: Delta week T-shirt/ High waisted Jeans: Old Navy/ Pearl Necklace: Gift/ Black Wedges: JcPenny

Dressing Up a T-Shirt
Morning! We all have T-shirts. I have tons of them. This week is Delta Week and it was decided that we all wear this t-shirt and a pair of jeans today. I took this as a challenge to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans and make them my own. I have a few tips on how to make rock a simple t-shirt.
1. Tuck in your shirt. That immediately dresses it up a little. With tucking in your shirt make sure that your jeans are high-waisted. Tucking doesn't work well with low cut. 
2. Statement necklaces. Or earrings. A bit of fancy jewelry will add a lot to your ensemble.
3. Shoes with a heel. Wedges or pumps! Both work!

Have a happy Tuesday!
3 days till spring break!
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