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Personal Post: 3/6-3/7

9:49 AMTaelor Pawnell

My day in pictures. Yesterday was kinda cray!  
 Union Day at UNT! I was so excited to meet Wall-E's twin! :)
 Free Caricatures! Adriana and I decided to get a UNT Best Friend one! 

 I was supposed to have an Orientation Leader mentor meeting but one of my mentees couldn't make it. Yummy froyo from Yogurtland with just one of my mentees, Aaron!

Adriana got in a small car accident! Of course I went to the ER with her to make sure everything was okay!

After the ER her mom treated me to Red Lobster (yum!). How cute are they?! Made me kinda miss my momma! 

I had to do a Throwback Thursday Insta Pic! Me (4) and my mom! Love this woman!


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  1. Hi there! Cute post! I nominated you for the Liebster award! There's more information here:


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