My Weight Journey

11:19 PMTaelor Pawnell

Taelor Talks about WEIGHT

So I have really debated in my head of whether or not I feel comfortable talking about this. My weight is a sensitive subject for me, but I know that all of you support me.

Anyway, we all have our goals when it comes to weight. It's hard because sometimes you lose sight of that goal with school, friends, work. And I have definitely done that a lot. But I have realized in all of this that I can not lose the ME in all of it. What do I want for myself? I want great health, I want to be able to shop in any store, I want the best for me. I really have been the only person holding myself back. And it is time for a change! 

Here are my current stats : (no judgment!) 
5'3'' 19 years old
Starting Weight - 235+ lbs 

Current Weight - 214 lbs
Goal Weight - 140 lbs 
Total Weight Loss - 21 lbs

I have really been doing well on my "lifestyle change".  I have been eating well, working out twice a day (sometimes) and really just trying to mentally work on myself as well. 
I can do this. I will do it this time! I will update this specific post as I continue on this journey. I appreciate all of you for supporting me throughout this as well. By the end of the summer I plan to run a 5k. (look out for that!!)


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  1. I want to do a 5k too! And just like we spoke earlier this week its about a lifestyle! You got this! :)

  2. You can do it!



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