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3:59 PMTaelor Pawnell

So in my marketing class, we have been talking about branding. I have been placed in a group and we are determining ways to rebrand American apparel. Well a discussion comes up on what characteristics do the women who wear American have. My group says 'oh they would be Taelor!' Bold, Fearless, Creative.

This got me thinking. This is how they see me, but how do I see myself. Have you ever tried to describe yourself without using physical attributes? If not, try it. It's pretty hard.

I have realized that fully understanding who I am as an individual means that I must be able to speak about all of the positive attributes that I have to offer. It is also important to realize these things are always changing. Changing to what YOU want them to be.

I, Taelor Pawnell, am a strong, creative, intelligent, hard working, bold, futuristic, and goal-driven woman.

Who are you?

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